Photo Credits: YG Entertainment

JISOO is herself in ‘ME’

JISOO’s solo finally is here.

Blinks around the world were waiting for this release for a while, and we finally got a single album that captures “JISOO’s self-confidence as a solo artist”.

With only two track ‘ME‘, is expanding even more her career, the sky is the limit and we are excited to listen to JISOO’s angelical voice. Let’s begin.

Opening up this release is the title track ‘FLOWER‘, for this single we get a rather minimalistic arrangement and a lot of focus in vocals, this song has a serious dreamy and charming feel, with a rather delicate melody line. This single is the perfect title song and its composition makes her soft singing stand out.

For the music video we get beauty shots, one after the other, JISOO looks classy, gorgeous and absolutely stunning in every single scene. This production has a vintage vibe going on, and the shots are absolutely breathtaking. Watch it below.

On a upbeat tone, the second and final single ‘All Eyes On Me‘ takes over with a lively tempo, a very cool bass, and a lot of energy. This single is cool, fun and a party anthem, and what is best is the contrast to the title track.

With two different sounds and feel, JISOO successfully showed her power a soloist. ‘ME‘ is all about confidence, so make sure to check it our here.

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