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[Indie Pick] Noh Ol Ryang

For this week’s indie pick I wanted to go the traditional route with the group Noh Ol Ryang. If you like traditional Korean sounds, keep on reading.

Noh Ol Ryang was formed in 2018 and led by Min So-yoon. The group consists out of the members: Min So-yoon, Koo Gyo-jin, Kang Min-gyu, Park Yumin and Koh Myeongjin.

In their debut single they collaborated with guest vocalist Jang Myeong-seo and percussionist Park Han-gyeol.

They released their first EP ‘명절에 듣기 좋은 국악 1’ with their title track ‘Matbam Taryeong – Son Version’.

In 2019 they worked on their Island project, where they went to visit several of the Korean islands and spoke with the people living there and wrote their struggles and joys into a song.

Throughout the next couple of years they released seven parts of this.

In 2020 they released the album ‘Precious Gift’.

The year after Noh Ol Ryang released the mini-album ‘Playlist_Arirang for Generation’.

In 2021 they also released the single 신제비노정기’.

They released the second ‘Playlist_Arirang for Generation’ in 2022.

This year they’ve released a couple of singles.

I really enjoy their blend of traditional and more contemporary sounds they managed to create for Noh Ol Ryang. Their music is a great experience to listen to, so I’m just waiting for other people to pick up on that as well.

Go find them here on Spotify.

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