[Indie Pick] Crystal Tea

We’re back with a new Indie Pick and this time we’ve got a personal favorite to share with our focus on Crystal Tea. Let’s dive in!

Crystal Tea

Crystal Tea is a singer-songwriter who started her career in the Busan scene. During the Busan Cutural Foundation New Artist project, Crystal Tea was picked as the New Indie Breeze.

She released her first single album ‘Boys’ Caravan‘ in 2014. It’s a fun rock moment telling the story of her first crush after joining a co-ed school. The guitars are killing it and I really enjoy the ambience. It’s a shot of energy.

Crystal Tea actually released a music video for this song a couple of days ago as preparation for her upcoming first full-length album.

A couple of months later she came back with the slower track ‘With unfolded collar‘.

‘Boyfriend Express‘, which is a super fun pop rock track with some hyper pop elements, was released in 2016.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star‘ came out a couple of months later in 2017. For some reason this feels very magical girl, so this is quite a lovely listen!

Midnight Bicycle’ also came out in 2017.

In 2020 she released her first EP ‘Pink Movie’ with the title track ‘Roman Porno’. This EP contains a couple of the previously released tracks and the new title track.

A couple of months later Crystal Tea also dropped the ‘Director’s Cut’ of ‘Pink Movie’ which contained four new tracks.

In 2022 she dropped the two singles ‘School Girl Bye Bye’ and ‘Minority‘.

The year after the singles ‘BAD KID‘ and ‘Merry Go Round‘ came out.

This year she’s already released the three singles ‘Moonrise Dream‘ which is funky as hell, ‘This is beta testing’ and the remake of ‘Boys’ Caravan‘.

You can find her full discography on Spotify here.

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