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[Indie Pick] Ahn Dayoung

We’re back with a new Indie Pick and this time our feature is all about Ahn Dayoung. She’s been working hard on her path to success, so let’s take a look!

The Start

In 2012 Ahn Dayoung participated in the Yoo Jaeha Music Contest and managed to end in the Top 10. I tried to find her song ‘Fallen Leaves’ but I couldn’t find it. 

Two years later in 2014, she released her first solo single ‘Dreamer’. She wrote, composed and arranged her own song. Dayoung is still heavily involved in the entire process of her music. Her last album for example, she wrote the lyrics by herself and then co-composed and co-arranged her tracks with Glowingdog.

Later on in 2016, she created the band In the endless zanhyang we are, which to be honest is quite a mouthful. They started off as Ahn Dayoung Band but they wanted a new experience in 2016, hence the renaming. Their official debut came with the single album ‘5:41’.

This is probably one of my favorites that they came out with. The major Sigur Ros vibes and this great, wide soundscape that they created is just immaculate.

This track ‘Till the night there’ was originally on Ahn Dayoung’s first EP ‘Wind, Smoke, River’ which was released in 2014. I’m quite cross that this EP isn’t on Spotify.

I’m not entirely sure if the band is still together or not. Their last release as In the endless zanhyang we are was in 2019.


It appears that in 2020 Ahn Dayoung focussed back on her solo career. She pre-released a couple of singles and then came out with a full blown album of 12 songs. You can find this video of her singing all the songs live on YouTube. 

This music video for ‘Usual Person’ I featured before in our segment Music Video Recommendation here.

I have high hopes that Ahn Dayoung will blow up in the music scene. Her music ranges from folk to indie rock to R&B and it’s always an interesting listen to see what she cooks up in that brilliant brain of hers. 

Go say hi to her on Instagram and check out her Spotify profile.

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