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[Indie Pick] ADOY

We’re back with a new Indie Pick and this time we wanted to write about one of our all-time favorite bands ADOY. Let’s take a closer look!


ADOY consists out of four members. There Oh Juhwan (vocals), Zee (synths, vocals), Park Geun-chang (drums) and Jeong Dayoung (bass, vocals).

The band officially debuted in 2017 with the EP ‘Catnip’. The band’s name comes from Juhwan’s cat Yoda, which they spelled backwards. The title track ‘Grace’ was really popular and immediately put ADOY on the map.

In 2018 they came back with the EP ‘LOVE’. ‘Wonder’ is such a nice synth pop track. It’s super dreamy and I love the softness of it all.

ADOY released their first full-length album in 2019 with ‘VIVID’. When I tell you I was obsessed with this music video, I’m not joking. It’s just so cute and aesthetically done.

Two years later, ADOY came back with their new EP ‘Her’. They have a double title track for this release, with ‘Simply’ and ‘Antihero’.

Their most recent release came out in June. ‘Us’ is an EP that has some really cool collabs with artists like Phum Viphurit and Sion who all remixed a previously released track.

You can find ADOY’s discography on Spotify here. Go say hi on Instagram!

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