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Hot Singles of the week

The Kpop scene had a rather quiet week, nevertheless, we had a couple of single comebacks that lighten the week with fantastic tunes, and diverse rhythms. 

Kicking off the lineup is TRI.BE with their 4th single album ‘Diamond‘. Featuring two dynamic tracks, this release offers a delightful blend of sounds. The title track, ‘Diamond’, boasts a tropical rhythm infused with sentimental and empowering lyrics, creating an uplifting listening experience. Meanwhile, the energetic single ‘Run’ instantly captivates with its infectious beats, guaranteeing a jam-worthy moment from the get-go.

Next, ASTRO released the special single ‘Circles’ dedicated to Aroha and celebrating this group’s 8th anniversary. This song is for the fans and the heart, with sweet melodies and all the feels. 

That’s a wrap for this week’s Hot Singles, let us know which one was your favourite in the comments!

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