Photo Credits: EDAM Ent. / Feel Ghood Music

Hot Singles of the Week

Welcome back to another edition of Hot Singles of the Week, where we showcase the latest and greatest in Korean music across a spectrum of genres. Let’s jump right in. 

Kicking off the week with infectious charm, CHUU graced us with “Chocolate,” a bubbly and adorable single that left us completely enchanted. Her irresistible charisma shines through in this delightful track.

BIBI returns with her single album “Bam Yang Gang,” treating us to a musical fairy tale through two captivating songs. Once again, BIBI astounds with her evolving musical style, offering sweet melodies paired with her mesmerising vocals.

Rookie boy group Aimers presents their single album “Somebody,” exuding a refreshing and stylish vibe throughout. With their title track, Aimers showcases youthful energy and impressive choreography, making for an exhilarating comeback.

MAMAMOO’s Whee In collaborates with Young K and Sanghyun for “Whee,” delivering an electrifying pop-rock vibe. Whee In’s venture into new musical territories is met with acclaim as she effortlessly masters the genre.

Rounding off the week on a high note is none other than the queen IU with her pre-release single “Holssi.” IU pushes the boundaries with this experimental track, blending EDM and synth elements seamlessly with her trademark flair. The accompanying music video is a visual feast, showcasing IU’s creativity and uniqueness.

That wraps up this week’s musical highlights. Let us know in the comments which release was your favourite!

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