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Hot Single this Week

This week’s single releases brought forth some incredible comebacks and exciting debuts. We witnessed established artists returning with exceptional tracks and promising rookies stepping into the K-pop scene. There’s a lot to unpack, so let’s dive right in.

The week commenced with Billlie’s release of the single ‘DANG! (hocus pocus).’ This single is a total contrast to last month’s pre-release single, ‘BYOB (bring your own best friend).’ Billie’s consistency in delivering both captivating music and captivating concepts remains unparalleled. ‘DANG!’ once again shows off their remarkable vocals, fun style, and impeccable aesthetics.

Kwon Eunbi treated fans to the pop single ‘Like Heaven,’ featuring Paul Blanco. The track embraces soft vocals and exudes a city-pop vibe, making it an exceptionally smooth listen. The song’s instrumentals and composition harmonize seamlessly, creating an enjoyable and easy-going musical experience.

Rookie group DAOL made their presence known with the pre-release single ‘Journey.’ As we eagerly anticipate their official debut, this song showcases their infectious energy, trendy beats, and a bright atmosphere. ‘Journey’ is a super fun track that leaves us excited to hear more from the group in their upcoming debut.

The queen, Jessi, returned with the single ‘Gum,’ her first official release under MORE VISION. As expected, Jessi delivered an absolute banger that perfectly captures her signature wit, effortless coolness, and unmistakable Jessi style. ‘Gum’ is packed with her charisma, and we couldn’t love it more.

The girls from LE SSERAFIM graced us with their first English single, ‘Perfect Night,’ in collaboration with OVERWATCH 2. This pop/R&B gem dazzles with heavenly vocals and a fresh vibe. The group’s sound and style in this single are a flawless match, highlighting their amazing talent.

B.I returned with the single ‘LOVED,’ which takes a more nostalgic turn. His distinctive verse delivery, enhanced vocals, and lyrics go straight to the feels. ‘LOVED’ offers a beautifully composed, heartrending experience that showcases B.I’s remarkable artistry.

Our final highlight of the week is the rookie group RIIZE and their single ‘Talk Sexy.’ The song features a superb sax riff and boasts top-notch sound quality. As it plays, you’ll be immersed in amazing vocal layering, harmonies, and overall smooth sound. Just sit back and enjoy this sensational BOP. 

This week’s singles have treated us with diverse sounds and styles, and delivered excitement and enjoyment for all tastes. Share in the comments which one was your favourite and stay tuned for more music recommendations next week. 

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