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Hot Singles of the Week

KPOP started 2024 with an awesome single and cool comeback that definitely enlightened this first week of the year. From soulful ballads to vibrant beats, the first week had it all. Let’s dive into the highlights:

Billlie graced the beginning of the week with the enchanting pop-ballad ‘A Hope Song.’ This musical gem is a haven of beautiful vocals and heartfelt singing, providing a charming start to the new year..

In a surprising debut, Pledis Entertainment introduced TWS (Tours) with their single ‘Oh Mymy: 7s.’ From a captivating prologue offering a sneak peek into their journey to seamless transitions, this debut single delivered a promising start, leaving us eagerly anticipating more from this rookie group.

The girl group ICHILLIN’ added a dose of trendiness and fun to the week with their single ‘BITE.’ This vibrant song secured its spot in our playlists with its catchy beats, offering a delightful and energetic addition to our list..

Riize wrapped up the week with the release of ‘Love 119,’ a single that embraced a nostalgic pop sound. With a delightful mix of vocals, a touch of rap, and dreamy visuals in the music video, Riize delivered a captivating musical experience.

Share your favorite from this week’s releases in the comments, and stay tuned for more exciting singles in the coming weeks!

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