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Goodbye from SoYeon…

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?Start of this talented solo artist’s Flowery path?

Soyeon, well known as the member of LABOUM is back with a new single ‘Goodbye’. 

LABOUM’s ‘Journey to Atlantis’, released in 2016, climbed back up the charts after 5 years, by getting remaked by MSG WANNABE, the project group produced by MBC ‘Hangout with Yoo’. After gaining popularity, Soyeon, the main vocalist of LABOUM, could join the project’s girl-version group WSG WANNABE with SOLE, HYNN and Kwon Jin Ah.

‘Goodbye’ is a heartbreaking ballad, that sings about the feelings after a sad breakup. It starts with a calm piano melody and gets dynamic as it meets the stings at the end. Soyeon’s clean and plain vocal tone shines in this arrangement.

⬆️ [MV] Soyeon – Goodbye

Check the twinkling era of LABOUM and Soyeon. After the contract as LABOUM has ended, Soyeon is showing up with OSTs and duets. Starting with ‘Goodbye’, you can look forward to Soyeon’s performance as a solo artist!

⬆️ WSG WANNABE (Gaya-G) – At That Moment

⬆️ LABOUM – Journey to Atlantis (2016)

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?MGFF – Blackwater
– The first story of the ‘COLORS’ series?

?Jeong Cha Sik – Big City Driver
– A story of delivery man, “I’ll deliver bright future by my truck”

?KIRARA – Two Parties
– “The result of randomly digging my pile of musical sources. The vocal samples ‘yeah’, ‘yo’, ‘ya’ made a fun message.” 

?Kim Hyerim – Desperate
– Kim Hyerim shares her story of becoming a real artist, with desperate thoughts.

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Last year we hate jh came back after 7 years of hiatus since [divert] released in 2016. The release of [Go 4] meant that they are ready to continue their musical activities. EP [Diving] was released after only 5 months, and with another single [JOYRIDE], we hate jh has announced a performance at Jebidabang. You can find the live clip here!

⬆️ [MV] we hate jh – JOYRIDE
we hate jh’s music resembles ‘youth’ itself. In this shining pop punk, the vocal doesn’t try to stand out and just takes a role equally with the other instuments. Check their music video.

⬆️ [MV] we hate jh – Go 4