Photo credits: At Area

DAWN releases ‘Dear My Light’

DAWN is back with his first single ‘Dear My Light’ with his new record label. Currently he is signed under hip-hop label At Area which was founded by GroovyRoom.

You can also see GroovyRoom listed in the writing credits of the track together with Dawn himself and singer-songwriter HA:TFELT.

For this single, Dawn really said let’s tug at people’s heartstrings. We get a beautiful, emotive acoustic ballad with a very soft instrumentation. Literally the acoustic guitar is super nice and blends so well with Dawn’s vocals. Yes, you read that right, we get more of Dawn’s singing.

For the music video we get stunning visuals and I particularly liked the scene where he’s sitting in the smoke. It’s very artistic and fits the tone of the track.

You can find ‘Dear My Light’ by Dawn on Spotify here.

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