Photo Credits: SM Entertainment

Dance Choreo: BoA – Black

BoA is a legend that has left her stamp on the Korean music industry with not just amazing songs but also breathtaking performances that have worked as inspiration for younger generations.

In today’s dance choreography you should watch, we are featuring her dance performance for the single ‘Black’ which was included in her 2019 mini-album ‘Starry Night’. 

Even though there isn’t an official music video for this single, this performance featuring performers from TAPAHA The Dance Space is absolutely incredible, with a choreo that goes hard and impresses viewers with sharp movement but also has a delicate and charming side.

Everything about this dance performance is a highlight, BoA definitely shows why she is an absolute legend and the performers are as incredible.

If you haven’t watched this performance watch it below, and make sure to check out our review for BoA’s latest release here.

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