Photo Credits: GRACE COMPANY

CHECKMATE is back with ‘YOU’

Co-Ed group CHECKMATE is back with their new single album ‘YOU‘. This time they are bringing their new single ‘YOU‘ and the new version of their debut single ‘DRUM‘.

With their new single CHECKMATE is showing a more hip-hop and groovy style. ‘YOU‘ is a smooth song with soft and harmonious vocals. I really liked the tempo and rhythm of this track.

The visuals in the music video are super cool, the aesthetics are on point and the choreography is dope. Watch it below.

Next on this release in the new version of their debut single ‘DRUM‘ but with 4 members. As the original version, this song goes off with its beats and catchy melody.

This single album also includes the instrumental version of the previous two tracks. Make sure to listen to it here.

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