Photo Credits: Woojo Ent.

BLITZER is playful in ‘Macarena’

Rookie group BLITZERS is back, and this time they are going bold with their second single album ‘Macarena’.

The title track with the same name as this single album, includes a lot of hype and a fantastic arrangement with trumpets, saxophone and a very cool mix of beats. This single is hip hop driven and a total bop, the sectioning and beats transitions are dope, and it just doesn’t stop.

With the music video we get very unique visuals and a storyline that is playfully, mysterious and comical. The outfits, sets and choreography are fantastic, and make this video even more interesting to watch. Check it below.

The second single ‘Question Mark’ plays with a upbeat pop vibe and electric guitar orchestration. The vocals in this single are sweet, soft and fun, the members deliver flawless harmonies and show off the charming vocalist they are.

This rookies are certainly shinning and going off strong in their releases. We are excited to listen what’s next for them, in the meanwhile listen to this release here.

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