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APRIL is back with summer vibes in their new single album ‘Hello Summer’

After just a couple of months of having released their 7th mini-album ‘Da Capo’, APRIL is back with a brand new single album with nothing but summer bops, and a refreshing sound perfect for the season.

Let’s start off. 

Hello Summer

Now or Never’ is the title track of this single album. This song is fun, happy and super bright, I liked how well they mixed and layered the different samples in it. It feels like the perfect track for a road trip with a lot of happy and bubbly tunes. The music video is adorable, colorful and the members look stunning. Watch it below.

The second single of this single album is ‘PARADISE’, this song definitely follows the summer vibe of this album but more on the electronic side. The flow is super chill and the members’ vocals are just fantastic, harmonization QUEENS. That’s it.

Lastly on this single album we have the instrumental versions of both tracks, putting an end to a very summery and fun single album.

You can listen to ‘Hello Summer’ on Spotify below.

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