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Actor Spotlight: Lim Soo-Hyang

This time for our Actor Spotlight we are talking about a very talented actress that has surprised viewers with her wide range of acting and charisma. Let’s talk about Lim Soo-Hyang.

Before making her official debut in 2011, Lim Soo-Hyang had already been in minor roles years before. However, her debut job is considered to be the role in ‘New Tales of The Gisaeng’.

For this drama she got the main role, leaving many surprised as she was still a rookie actress. Nevertheless, her talent and skill proved that she was the perfect actress for this role. 

The same year of her debut she also landed a supporting role in the drama ‘Paradise Ranch’  and had a cameo in the drama ‘Salamander Guru and The Shadows’.

The following years, she diversified her acting portfolio taking on roles that showed completely different sides of her skills, check below the trailers for these productions.

  • I Do, I Do (2012)
  • Iris II: New Generation (2013)
  • Inspiring Generations (2014)
  • Five Enough (2016)
  • Blow Breeze (2016)

Rise to mainstream 

In 2016, Soo-hyang took on the lead role for the film ‘Eunha’, and this one was followed up in 2017 with the KBS drama ‘Lovers in Bloom’.

For the latter one, she won the 2017 KBS Drama Awards for the category ‘Excellence Award, Actress in a Daily Drama’.

In 2018, she got the main role in the hit drama ‘ID: Gangnam Beauty’ along with ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo. Based on a popular webtoon with the same name, this production touched on sensitive topics and was well-received by the audience globally.

With this JTBC production she won the ‘Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Drama’ in the 26th Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards. 

Her latest productions are ‘Graceful Family’ in 2019 and ‘When I Was The Most Beautiful’ in 2020. 

Soo-hyan is set to come back this year with the dramas ‘Doctor Lawyer’ and the adaptation of the US drama ‘Jane The Virgin’, ‘Woori the Virgin’.

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