Photo credits: M25


The girls from CLASS:y officially debuted today with their mini-album ‘CLASS IS OVER’. The seven member girl group is the result of the survival show ‘My Teenage Girl’.


We start off with the track ‘UP’. This track immediately grabs your attention with its intense instrumentals. What a fun opening track!

On this mini, each song is a title track according to Melon. However, only ‘SHUT DOWN’ has a music video. I really enjoy the track. It has Bollywood instrumentals mixed with the classic K-pop EDM. The vocals shine through and it’s a hype track that will have you vibe immediately.

‘TELL ME ONE MORE TIME’ follows that. This is a fun pop track that has some really dope bass in the backing track. It feels quite jazzy as well.

Next up is ‘SUPER COOL’ which has a lot more hip-hop influences. I thought the whistling was cute. The beat is impressive and the chorus is very empowering.

The closing track is ‘FEELIN’ SO GOOD’. This is a summer hit waiting to happen. What a fun track. I love the harmonies and the catchy chorus.

Overall ‘CLASS IS OVER’ by CLASS:y is a lovely debut that shows their various strengths. I’m curious to see which musical direction they’re going in next.

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.