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Actor Spotlight: Kim Go-eun

Starting off with a big production and taking the Best New Actress awards in her first year in the entertainment industry, Kim Go-eun has proven to be nothing but an insanely talented artist with the ability to reinvent herself with every single role she performs.

Let’s dive into her career and achievements.

From school to the ‘A Muse’

Born in 1991, Kim Go-eun is a South Korean artist that caught people’s attention with her performance in the 2012 film ‘A Muse’. In this film she played one of the main characters and was also her first official acting role. 

Her performance in this movie left many in awe with her emotional display and incredible character interpretation, her expressions and her natural talent led her to win the Best New Actress award in four different award shows.

After stepping back for a couple of years to finish her studies, Kim Go-eun returned to the big screen in 2014 in the film ‘Monster’.

Her next role was in the 2015 thriller ‘Coin Locker Girl’ which was followed by the period drama ‘Memories of the Sword’. From her comeback in 2014, Kim Go-eun took on projects that demanded not just emotional acting but also physical agility and performance for its interpretation.

These films were completely different but took her acting and performance to the next level with the different elements that each one of them required for its complexion, they were definitely fresh and quite unexpected to watch. Check the trailers below.

Before debuting in the small screen, Go-eun was part of the films ‘The Advocate: A Missing Body’ and ‘Canola’.

Mainstream Success

Cheese in the Trap’ was Kim Go-eun’s first main role in a TV Drama, for this role she received the Best New Actress award in the 2016 BaekSang Arts Awards.

Go-eun reached mainstream success with her role in the TV hit ‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’ (aka. Goblin), this drama had one of the highest ratings in Korean cable television and crushed the award season. 

Her next projects were the movies ‘Sunset In My Hometown’, a coming-of-age movie with a more lighthearted tone, and the small cameo she had in the crime/action movie ‘Hit-and-Run Squad’.

The Netflix production ‘Tune in for Love’ was her next project, this romance drama received overall good reception from viewers, Go-eun along with her co-protagonist Jung Hae-in received good feedback for their interpretation and acting in this slice-of-life movie. Watch the trailer below.

In 2019, she was casted in one of the most anticipated dramas of the year. ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ was a long awaited drama mainly due to the impressive and well-known cast, renowned writer and high budget. Check the trailer below.

Upcoming Projects 

Kim Go-eun’s upcoming projects include the movie ‘Hero’ and the drama ‘Yumi’s Cells’, set to be released in 2021.

Besides being an incredible actress, Go-eun is also a gifted singer. She has had a couple of appearances in variety shows where she has shown her amazing singing abilities.

Make sure to follow up the career of this multi-talented artist, and check out her Instagram for some cool pics.

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