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Weekly K-Indie Report

Korean Indie music this week was all about rock, folk and alt music. There are some amazing finds. Let’s dive into it and get ready for great music.


This week started with JUNGWOO releasing the single ‘Dawn’.

This single isn’t available on Spotify yet, but you can listen to her single here


‘Summer Jealousy’ is OFF’s latest soft R&B single.

Enjoy this lovely single here.

The rock band Flying Dog released the single ‘Tight Leash’. 

Rock on with this single here.

MEMI released the single ‘Thin Lips Club’.

Check out this rock single here.

With a singular concept and an excellent sound, the rock band Gate Flowers dropped the EP ‘ALL IN’.

Enjoy this release here.

For folk music and beautiful singing listen to Langit’s new single ‘Young Old Summer’.

Dive into the beauty of this single here.


The rock band Pedals On Carpet released their first EP ‘After Coldsnap Before Cloudburst’.

Check out this debut release here.

If you are into pop-electronica, listen to hosun’s new single ‘Redline’.

Listen to this release here.

Ezzle came back with the single album ‘Summer Night’.

Check this very pretty release here.

Soft R&B and beautiful instrumentation took over in Do jeongmin’s new single ‘Shy’.

Listen to this release here.

The band 12BH released the EP ‘Love my youth’.

To dive into this very soft release, click here.


The rock band DOSIJUNGJEON released the single ‘Way’.

Listen to this release here.

Folk and reggae meet for TJ’s single ‘Cruise’.

Find this vibey single here

R&B single ClaD dropped the single ‘Memories rain’.

Check this single here.

Kim Il Du and KIM EUISUNG released the dual single album ‘Going for a drink’.

You can listen to the two versions of this release here.

For beautiful instrumentals, listen to Kim Kyung Ho‘s ‘Walking in the Cloud’.

Check the accordion and piano version here.


For soft rock and pretty vocals, listen to Radio Paradise’s EP ‘ Sun Shower’.

Listen to this release here.

Kwon Han Kyung released the single ‘my happiness’.

Listen to this release here.

The band Voyeur released the single ‘Same Dream’.

Enjoy this single here.

92914 released the album ‘By The Calm Water’.

Check this release here.


The band Janbyeol released the single ‘Night view of the Han River’.

Check this single here.

Bravo came back with the single ‘Pink Shelter’ featuring YI SE HYUN.

Listen to this single here.

Alt Rock took over with NANPARAN’s new EP ‘Summer Wave’.

Check this release here.

The Hip-Hop band 8rosh peridot released the single ‘she’.

Find this release here

Oneianmillion released the single ‘Holiday’.

Listen to this release here.


The rock band Jade released the single ‘Brighton’.

Check this release here.

Pigfrog released the single ‘Pancake’.

Find it here.

This week concluded on a high note with Electriceels and his album ‘Circles’.

Listen to this release here

That’s a wrap for this week, check our Spotify playlist to check our favourite releases.