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Weekly Hip-Hop and R&B report

Happy New Year! this is our last list of Hip-Hop and R&B releases from 2023. This pass week was quite chill and full of indie releases. There are a couple of cool finds, let’s start.


Sejin released the single album ‘#STILL’.

Find it here.

Kiik and ShinGiWon teamed up for the EP ‘Morning Coffee’.

Check it here.

Hollow Young came back with the single ‘Thinkin’ About You’ featuring Cloudybay.

Listen to this single here. and PELXO released the EP ‘Time:Slip’.

Find it here.

GongGongGoo009 came back with the single ‘Blue’.

Listen to this single here.

Leo came back with the single ‘Again & Again’ featuring KOYO.

Check it here,

Conda dropped the album ‘Where is my Invitation?’.

Listen to this released here.


Def. came back with the single ‘Will spring come?’.

Check it here.


1060 dropped the single ‘Year-End Rap (2022)’.

This single is not available on Spotify yet. 

Brick released the single ‘Mine’.

Listen to this single here.

J-Kwondo dropped the single ‘Dystopia’ featuring NAAKYEUM. 

Find it here.

Ja Mezz came back with the single ‘Interstellar’ featuring Verbal Jint. 

Check it here

Lil Kintexx dropped the single album ‘visa4badtrip 0.5’.

Listen to this single here.

DaNTe dropped the single album ‘Letter’.

Check it out here.


RIYUA dropped the single ‘66problems 99problems’ featuring h3hyeon. 

Listen to this single here.

Mommy Son came back with ‘Coward’ featuring Chanju. 

Listen to this single here.

Sese and bemyfrnd teamed up for the R&B single ‘Domino’.

Check this single here.

MINJE released the single ‘Sippin’ Your Love’ featuring Moon Sujin. 

Find this single here.

Haedeun dropped the single ‘Wednesday’. 

Check it here.

SEIN released the single album ‘That’s so us’.

Listen to this single album here.

SINCE came back with the single album ‘Next Year’.

Find it here.


R&B singer Soseo came back with the single ‘EX’.

Listen to this single here.

O-Son and Jeong Sang Su teamed up for ‘마이크를 잡아라 Pt2’.

Check it here.

Beatbox DG released the single album ‘BEATBOX DG -Get’ em’.

This release is not on Spotify yet. 

Minit released the single ‘#2022’ featuring AVOKID and Gist.

Check it here.

DENISE released the EP ‘Me Before You’.

Listen to this release here.


AINILL dropped the single ‘WHAT I WANT’.

Check it out here.

Vapo came back with the album ‘X’.

Find it here.

DAM1NOISE released the single album ‘I’m FROM’.

Check it here.

SLEEPY dropped the single ‘I don’t don’t care’ featuring unofficialboyy. 

Listen to it here.

EK released the album ‘Old EK’.

Find it here.

QM and Fredi Casso released the EP ‘Empire State Motel’.

Check it here.

LIL GIMCHI released the single ‘MAYBACH’.

For more music check his Spotify profile.

That’s it for this week! Happy New Year, and remember to listen to this drops in our exclusive Spotify playlist.

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