[Webtoon] Your Throne

We’re back with another Webtoon feature – it’s been a long time coming, but today we’re reading ‘Your Throne by SAM. This fantasy series is full of intrigue, mind games, sinister plots, and general backstabbery. And it has one of the most GODDESS tier protagonists around.

Your Throne

The Vasilios Empire… a kingdom ruled by the Imperial family and the Temple. Eros, the Crown Prince, has just announced his official engagement to Psyche Callista. Such a lovely couple, completely enamoured with one another. Alas, Psyche is only the daughter of a count, and more crucially, did not, in fact, win the competition for the position of Crown Princess. That honour was won by Medea Solon, daughter of the most powerful and feared Duke in the kingdom. Love wins and all is right with world, right?

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and this is definitely true for Medea. Having devoted her life in preparation to becoming Queen, she is not about to sit quietly and become fodder for gossip. Sit quietly while plotting revenge while her enemies shake in their boots, now that she can do.

The verdict

I’m just gonna get this out of the way before we go any further, for those of you reading ‘The Remarried Empress‘, Psyche is no Trashta. Naïve young blonde girl, yes, but that’s where the similarities end. She’s got some strong character development going.

The story sets up Medea as vengeful scorned bride, jealous of Psyche and willing to step on more than a few corpses to get what she wants. While that’s more or less an accurate assessment, the crucial bit is her true motivations. Medea did not want Eros. Medea is not jealous. What Medea wanted was the throne, and the power that came with it. The ‘marrying Eros’ part was a means to an end. And this wrench in her plans is not going to foil years of careful planning.

Interestingly, Eros is not some lovelorn fool, or even a calculating fool. He’s no fool at all in fact. He’s just pure villainous bastard, all around. That’s not to say he’s bad and everyone else is good, or mostly good even. Nope. With few exceptions, everyone is sitting comfortably in the morally grey zone.

Medea is most certainly a villain in her own rights. Her motivations being nobler than Eros’ or the fact that she occasionally displays compassion don’t exactly cancel out the death toll. But honestly, this is what makes her so amazing as a protagonist. Solidly grey morally, brilliant, cold and calculating, she’s not on a journey to learn an ethics lesson; She’s playing the political intrigue and she’s aiming for the throne.

The art is great, the characters and backgrounds very detailed and beautifully drawn, plus everyone looks a little demented which is very context-fitting.

Story-wise, it’s really mostly political intrigue, lots of twists and backstabbing, a rather important to the plot fantasy element which I will not spoil for you, and the occasional hints of romance. They’re just enough to not derail the focus of the story but to keep us romance nerds satisfied.

It’s currently ongoing and free to read on the Webtoon app. If this sounds like it could be your cup of tea, go forth and enjoy!

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