[WebToon] The Remarried Empress

We’re back with another Webtoon feature, and today we’re reading Alphatart’s “The Remarried Empress“. Originally a webnovel, it’s being adapted in Webtoon format by HereLee (adaptation) with artwork by Sumpul. The same trio brought us “Men of the Harem“, another palace intrigue-filled series.

The Remarried Empress

Navier Ellie Trovi was raised to become the perfect empress of the Eastern Empire- and she did. Intelligent, collected, strong and devoted to her husband and her people. Her own aspiration was no different – she had worked hard to become a great empress. As long as that was true, she would not be hurt by something as trivial as her trashbando taking on a mistress. Even if that mistress was an infuriating conniving little imbecile who talks about herself in the third person.*rolls eyes all the way back into my head*. After all, theirs was a marriage of convenience. They were partners and childhood friends, not lovers.

But when Sovieshu, the Emperor, decides to divorce her, Navier prepares a surprising twist. “I accept this divorce… And I request an approval of my remarriage.” Now she is married to Heinrey, and she’s the Queen of the Western Kingdom. That’s where the story starts – but what events lead here?

The Verdict

Where to start? This story is so engrossing, the palace and the political intrigue are so addicting, and our Navier is such an absolute QUEEN (pun intended). The art is gorgeous, and the pace of the storytelling extremely satisfying.

Navier is truly regal, and a magnificent character to root for. But all the cast is really well written, even the ones we really despite. Take Rashta (or … Trashta, as affectionately dubbed by the fandom), for example. A former runaway slave, current mistress, she’s naïve, but can also be calculating, she’s the obvious villain but at the same time she’s trying her best to survive.

Let’s not overlook the other villain, Sovieshu, living in his own self-involved audacious little delusion. How dare my ex-wife take a new husband? I wanted her to be with me? Like… hate to break it to you man, but cheating on her, slighting her honour, and divorcing her, *kinda* the wrong way to go about this. Classic trash who of course sees no fault in himself whatsoever.

And then, there’s Heinrey. Ah <3. He’s a puppy. He’s a lovelorn, adorable, hunky AF puppy of a man and all I want is for Navier to realise he truly loves her.

Our very own Kmeal’s Kathleen has been recommending this series for a while, and the *only* reason I’m glad I didn’t read this sooner, is that at least I had an entire season’s worth of episodes to binge my way through. Seriously. And apparently there will eventually be a drama too, so only good things in sight!

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