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[WebToon] Siren’s Lament

One of the best early Christmas gifts we got this year was the finale to ‘Siren’s Lament’. This gorgeous webtoon series by instantmiso started in 2016, and after almost four years of intense shipping wars and nail-biting cliffhangers, has just come to an end.

It’s a series you *need* to binge, so this is truly excellent news, take my word for it. Will it leave you a little blue because there’s no more to look forward to? Yes, like any great story. Read on…

The plot

Lyra (best girl) is quiet and a bit of a wallflower. Her life is normal and pretty uneventful, working at her grandmother’s flower shop and quietly pining for Shon.

One night, as she’s gazing alone into the ocean and pondering her hopeless romance, she hears someone singing and leans to listen… when the railing gives out, and she falls into the dark ocean. A siren is waiting for his chance to escape the curse…

When she comes to, she’s on the beach, and a familiar-looking stranger is laying naked but a few feet away. Soon she will discover that he was the mermaid she heard – but his plan to become human was not quite as successful as he hoped. Instead of Lyra becoming a siren in his place, while he stayed all day in the sun, the curse seems to have split between them.

Both now stuck as part-time sirens, Lyra brings him back to the shop until they get the situation fixed. He needs a name, clothes, and a place to stay. As Ian enters Lyra’s life, peace and quiet go out the back door. She’ll come to understand that her world is much bigger than she had imagined it.

The image shows a male mermaid and a girl circling each other underwater. From Siren's Lament, a webtoon by Instantmiso
Siren’s Lament, a webtoon by Instantmiso

The verdict

I tried not to give away too much on the intro, but I hope it still caught your eye. This is such a good Webtoon. ‘Siren’s Lament‘ sits comfortably among the best series I’ve read, and its massive popularity is more than well-deserved.

Lyra is such a cool heroine- events in her life take her in directions out of her control, but she never just sits around lamenting (sorry) her fate. She takes action and learns to roll with the punches. The siren’s curse is the catalyst that gets her to come out of her shell and become an active participant in her own life.

Both Shon and Ian are hotter than cartoon characters should be allowed to be, let’s just get this out now. In true male leads fashion, their traits compliment and contradict each other. This series achieves the rare feat of confusing shippers to high heck. You know, I am still not sure who I shipped more with Lyra. Maybe a throuple? Hm…

The art is stunning, especially the characters, and it’s always cool to see how far the artist has come since that first episode. All ‘Siren’s Lament‘ chapters have original background music composed by KennyComics, and this really enhances the reading experience. It sets the mood and creates the right atmosphere, so remember to keep your sound on.

I think it’s a must-read, for any Webtoon or romance fan. We did after all mention it as one of the top series to get your Webtoon addiction going. Enjoy, and let us know your OTP in the comments!

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