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Top 3 Songs Of The Week

Hey everyone! If you’re looking to find some new music, or you’re curious to see what I’m listening to right now, here it is. Three songs I’ve been playing for forever and I just can’t get enough of. 

Number 1: Taemin – Never Forever

Unfortunately this one doesn’t have a music video, which I’m incredibly sad about. We’ll just have to appreciate the gorgeous vocals instead of his visuals this time. It’s a break-up song but hence the ‘never forever’. 

If you want to see Taemin dance, because that boy is amazing. Click on this one and be blown away: 

Number 2: CLC – Black Dress

Now for some female empowerment, I’ve been listening to CLC’s black dress. I mean, beautiful women in black power suits, like I’d ever say no to that. Wait for the EDM dance break, and be ready to have the song stuck in your head forever. Not that I’m complaining. 

Day6 – I Need Somebody

This song is Major Feelings music. If you’re feeling a bit down and you don’t know exactly why, listen to this and belt out the ‘Why am I alone?’ It’s very therapeutic, speaking from personal experience here. 

The five members of Day6 all play their own instruments, write and produce their own music. It’s time for the world to start sleeping in beds instead of sleeping on Day6. 

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