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We’re back with a new Top 3, filled with amazing music from artists like Lee Hi, Jade and THAMA. 

Number 1: Lee Hi – HOLO

This song left me in awe. It’s so beautiful, haunting and heartwarming. It took me a couple of watches before I realized that in the end she’s comforting herself. Take a look at the shoes and you’ll see it as well.

Number 2: Jade – No more featuring CHE

‘No More’ has such a lo-fi vibe to it. I’m in love with the vocals of both Jade and CHE. His rap verse is very laid back and fits perfectly. Jade looks stunning and her voice is fantastic.

Number 3: THAMA – Do it for love featuring George

This collab is fantastic and everything I didn’t know I needed. If you need some R&B in your life, listen to this track because it’s so smooth. 

That’s it for this Top 3, I hope you found something you enjoyed. These tracks will be added to our playlists on Spotify and on YouTube. 

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