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Top 3

Power vocals are the theme for this week’s Top 3. Get ready to enjoy the best tunes by a few of the voices in the Korean Music industry. Let’s start.

Number 1: Taemin – Heaven 

Since I watched this performance in Music Bank, I am absolutely obsessed with this song. Taemin has such powerful vocals that he really never ceases to surprise me in every single comeback, even though I am more than familiar with his solo music and his work in SHINee. He is a total legend, and also SHINee is BACK! 

Number 2: Mamamoo – I Miss You

This song is so emotional and absolutely beautiful that it makes me tear up every time I listen to it. MAMAMOO’s members are incredible singers with rich and powerful vocals, and in this song fans get a hint of the immense talent of this girl group. Get your tissues out and enjoy this amazing song.

Number 3: OffOnOff – Bath

If you aren’t familiar with OffOnOff, please, check their music here. This duo including Colde and 0Channel is fantastic. ‘Bath’ is a song with rich and nostalgic R&B vocals, with incredible music and a lot of emotions.   

That was it for this week’s Top 3, Make sure to listen to our Spotify playlists here (they are updated weekly). See you next time!

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