Photo Credits: JYP Entertainment

[Time Capsule] Twice – Cheer Up

Let’s go back to Twice’s aegyo era in this week’s throwback. Let’s bring back the 2016 bop ‘Cheer Up’. 

Back in 2016 bubblegum K-pop and aegyo were the latest trends and no one did it like TWICE. ‘Cheer Up’ was the single that made them take off to the next level of popularity, with its catchiness and the legendary Sana line “Shy Shy Shy”. 

Everything about the song, its dance, and visuals made people around the world fall for TWICE’s charm. Every member had its own little story going on in this music video, and they all mesmerised viewers with not just their cuteness but also their beautiful and powerful performance.

Watch this music video below.  

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