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[Time Capsule] SPICA – Tonight

We’re back with a new Time Capsule and this time we wanted to share ‘Tonight’ by the girl group SPICA.

The group SPICA was active from 2012 till 2017 and released many fantastic bops. Their song ‘Tonight’ has the iconic opening line ‘Tonight, Tonight is the night’ that will never leave your head again. 

‘Tonight’ is an absolute bop that was released in 2013. The girls all look amazing in the music video which was directed by then labelmate Lee Hyori and her husband Lee Sangsun. The single was a success. 

Even now, sometimes you’ll hear the song pop up in a variety show. It’s pretty cool!

Go ahead and listen to ‘Tonight’ by SPICA below.

You can find the single on Spotify here.

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