Photo Credits: Sm Entertainment

[Time Capsule] BoA – Girls On Top

In this throwback edition of our Time Capsule, we’re rewinding to 2005, revisiting one of the KPOP OGs and a true trailblazer—BoA’s ‘Girls On Top.’

BoA, even from her early years, stood out as an iconic performer, and ‘Girls On Top’ exemplifies the essence of girl power, confidence, and self-belief. In this timeless single, BoA not only delivers a powerhouse vocal performance but also encapsulates the alternative aesthetics that defined that era. Amidst the unconventional visuals, BoA’s incredible presence shines through, making every second of this song a remarkable showcase of her talent.

Experience the magic of this masterpiece below and witness BoA’s enduring influence on the KPOP scene.

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