K-pop Releases This Week

Everglow is releasing 3 new singles on the 19th. ‘Hush’, ‘Adios’, ‘You Don’t Know Me’ will be sent into the world on Monday. ‘Adios’ is their title track. The girls received a lot of well-deserved attention for their debut single ‘Bon Bon Chocolat’. That song was amazing! 

Check it out:

The Boyz are coming back with their fourth EP, ‘Dreamlike’. It will be released on Monday as well, so what a start of your week! The Boyz only had their debut in 2017, but they’re doing really well. If there are any multi-stans out there, I’m sorry. 

Tuesday is going to be lit! Red Velvet is coming back with a mini album. ‘The ReVe Festival’ will have their title track ‘Umpah Umpah’ on it which is apparently the first words Korean babies say. It’s a continuation of their Red side, so I’m expecting something happy in the likes of their earlier ‘Power Up’ or ‘Red Flavour’.

Then on Wednesday Oh Hayoung, one of the members of Apink is going on her first solo adventure. We’re getting a mini album ‘OH’ with 5 songs. And from what I could see from the trailers, it’s going to be adorable. All of the titles for the mini album are about all of the senses. I’m definitely look forward to the release.

Here’s the trailer for ‘Touch’:

UP10TION is also having a comeback. The album: ‘Space Star Constellation’ will be released on 22 August. Two of the members are currently in the show Produce 101 which explains why they won’t be joining the group for this comeback. The other 8 members will surely hit it out of the park. I’m excited!

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.