The ‘Timeless’ R&B Star Zhang Li Yin’s next duet with…?

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🕙The Timeless R&B Star Zhang Li Yin is Back!🕔

Zhang Li Yin is well known as the first Chinese singer under SM Entertainment. Her debut single ‘Timeless’, featuring XIA(from TVXQ) topped the charts, being loved by the K-Pop fans. In 2017, after her contract with SM expired, Zhang Li Yin returned to her hometown to continue her career in China. The Korean fans had to wait till the 15 years hiatus end.

Finally, on October 2023, Zhang Li Yin appeared on JTBC’s survival TV show <Sing Again 3>. Her appearance on Korean TV show suprised the fans. She performed ‘Timeless’ in a solo version and proved her vocal skills.

⬆️ Zhang Li Yin, XIA – Timeless (2006)

⬆️ Zhang Li Yin – Timeless (2023) @JTBC <Sing Again 3>

Appearing on <Sing Again 3> could be a sign that Zhang’s going to sing and promote in Korea more actively than the last 15 years. 

Zhang Li Yin is coming back with a special duet version of ‘How have you been?’ with Lee Jung Bong‘How have you been?(어떤가요)’ is well known as Park Hwayobi’s hit on 2000s, while Lee Jung Bong’s original version was also loved until now. Lee Jung Bong appeared on JTBC <Sugar Man> and tvN <You Quiz On The Block>.  

⬆️ Park Hwayobi – How have you been?

⬆️ [MV] Lee Jung Bong, Zhang Li Yin – How have you been?

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🎵Muhwa – I want to embrace your emptiness and sink with it into this ocean
– The sudden emptiness will make us down but love, only LOVE can fill it

🎵Ye Ram – Fairy Dance
– A magic spell that’ll help you move forward🧚‍♀

🎵seomaga – O
– A song made in an igloo🧊

🎵Darae – To My Movie
– “I go back to our first scene every day…”

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Introducing super rookie SamSan, who combines traditional music (in which she has majored in university) and electronic music!

SamSan’s first double single [The Answer] consists of two tracks, ‘I Don’t Know.’ and ‘Okay.’ ‘I Don’t Know’ shows her thoughts on majoring and making traditional Korean music – in a brilliant way. The lyrics say, “Then what? Shall we just starve to death? Nah, let’s just pray”, and ends up by questioning the meaning of making non-popular music.

After releasing ‘AcDaJi-歌’, she was chosen as the cover artist of Spotify ‘Fusion Korean National’ playlist. Her profile image intuitively shows the combination of traditional music and electronic music!

⬆️ SamSan – AcDaJi-歌

⬆️ SamSan performing ‘I Don’t Know.’ – The cutest Korea National Music performance!