TEMPEST comes back with power in ‘into the TEMPEST’

TEMPEST is back with their first single album ‘Into the Storm’, including three new singles showing off their talent and confidence.

This single album kicks off with the title track ‘Vroom Vroom‘ and its powerful arrangement and very catchy hook. This single is a total hype song, with addictive melodies that can get stuck in your head.

This song is more performance driven, and the members prove it with their music video and a very tight choreography packed with eye catchy moves and a strong presence. Watch it below.

Moving on ‘DIVE‘ plays with a more EDM driven sound and a refreshing vibe. This track is rather soft, and the vocal layering is amazing from start to end, definitely a lovely single to listen to. Last in this single album is the fan single ‘Bluetooth‘ create to charm fans with amazing singing and a lot of heart.

TEMPEST’s first single is a lovely mix of single with something unique to offer. Listen to this release here.

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