Photo credits: JYP Ent

Stray Kids releases throwback album ‘SKZ2021’

JYP group Stray Kids is back with their new album ‘SKZ2021’. With this release they re-recorded a bunch of old, iconic songs and treated us to the Korean version of some originally Japanese tracks.

The title track ‘Scars‘ is the Korean version of the Japanese track from their single album that came out this year.

‘Awaken’, ‘ROCK’, ‘3rd EYE’, ‘PLACEBO’ and ‘Insomnia’ come from their 2018 album ‘I AM NOT’.

They created a cute little video for ‘PLACEBO‘.

‘Behind The Light’ (also known as ‘Mixtape #2’) was released on ‘I AM WHO’.

The following track ‘My Side’ came out on their album ‘I AM YOU’ as did the tracks ‘N/S’ and ‘0325’. The track ‘Mixtape #3’ is listed as ‘For You’ on this album.

‘Maze of Memories‘ came from their album ‘Clé 1 : MIROH’. The next track ‘Broken Compass’ comes from their 2017 EP ‘Horizon’, so did the closing single is ‘Hoodie Season’. The chorus from ‘Hoodie Season’ is still such a vibe.

Overall, ‘SKZ2021’ is a fun throwback to the releases from Stray Kids. You can find it on Spotify here.

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