Secret Number is back with their seventh single album ‘STARLIGHT‘, for this release the member participated in the writing of one of the singles, let’s listen to what they have prepared.

The title single ‘STARLIGHT‘ opens up this release with a playful sound and soft singing. The hook in this song is super catchy and charming, with harmonies that feel like shot of energy. For the music video the members look like fairies, and go all in with a summer camping concept. They look absolutely stunning and the dancing is delicate and pretty, check it below.

Crazy Love‘ is next, co-written by Jinny and Minji, this single plays off with a pop-tempo and amazing instrumental additions that add a groovy touch to this song. The singing of the members totally shines throughout this single, it is powerful, cool and totally vibey.

SECRET NUMBER deliver a dual single album with two solid listens. Check it out here.