ROCKY’s Lucky Solo Debut!

Photo credits: Music&New

ROCKY’s ready to ROCK!

ROCKY has made his solo debut with the 1st mini album [ROCKYST]The word ‘ROCKYST’ is the combination of ‘ROCKY’ and ‘ARTIST’, which means that he is ready to prove himself as a solo artist!

ROCKY participated in everything as a producer, from planning to writing, composing and also the choreography. The fans will notice how much mature he has become as an artist.

The title song ‘LUCKY ROCKY’ repeats ‘lucky rocky‘ throughout the song and ROCKY has mentioned that he intended this to make the listeners remember his name easily. As ROCKY is well known as a talented dancer, he placed a dance break and perfectly preforms a rhythmical tap dance. Those who have loved ROCKY on <Hit The Stage> would love the performance.

Highlight Medley – Check the highlight medley and find your favorite song! The album has 6 different tracks with colorful genres including retro pop, funky pop and r&b. Don’t miss the last track ‘Find Me’ – which is a ‘fan song’, check out the message he tries to carry! 

Photo credits: Music&New

?Dayangsung – bubbles
– Only if I could pop the bubbles of worries!

cotoba – Intro session : Humanoid operational
– The music version of a Sci-Fi audiobook

Minhwi Lee – Hometown to Come
– Where would be our ‘hometown’ in the future?

kumira – Streetlights fall
– Somewhere between K-pop and J-rock

Photo credits: Music&New

Seen Hyun Hee, from SEENROOT – the duo that mega-hit ‘Sweet Heart(OPPAYA)’ dropped another bubbly single [I YA E YA (MBTI)].

It’s another song with Seen Hyun Hee’s signature witty lyrics and super cuteness! The catchy chorus part ‘I YA E YA, I YA E YA, E YA’ will never get out of your head. The song is about a girl confused if she is ‘I’ type or ‘E’ type. Korea is crazy about MBTI these days and this song will be so easy to relate to. 

Seen Hyun Hee’s last single ‘MISHMASH’ was on tvN <Amazing Saturday>. Check if the SEVENTEEN members get the lyrics correctly!

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