Photo Credits: PAIX PER MIL

[Review] Yves – LOOP

Former LOONA member YVES is back with her first solo release ‘Loop‘. Over the last few months former members of this group have been releasing music as part of new groups and also as soloists, the quality has been insane, and we are thrilled to check what she has prepared, let’s dive in!


DIORAMA‘ kicks-off thisEP and from the get go we get an alternative R&B sound and heavenly vocals. The tempo and flow in this song are SMOOTH, setting the mood for the rest of this EP.

The title track ‘LOOP‘ featuring Lil Cherry takes over with and electro-pop bop, the composition of this track is super dope, the synth and beats mix is unique and fun to listen to. This banger only get better with its music video, the trippy aesthetics and flawless performance. Watch it below.

An electric guitar riff introduces listeners to ‘Afterglow‘, with this song Yves mixes things up with a rock driven track, flawless vocals and an amazing instrumental build -up.

Last in this debut EP is ‘Goldfish‘ playing-off with acoustic guitar and a very soft tempo. This single is a lovely listen and the perfect end for this very diverse release. Listen to this release here.

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