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[Review] You Do Won – 77%

Indie singer-songwriter You  Do Won came out with his first mini-album ‘77%’. Let’s take a closer look at this release.


We start off with ‘Love & Hatred’. This almost grunge rock track has a great instrumentation. The guitar is really going off. This is the first time I’m really listening to You Do Won, but he has a wonderful clear tone in his singing.

’99.9%’ comes next. This is all about making hard decisions when you can’t postpone it anymore. Again there’s such a great use of the guitars throughout this track. It’s so awesome.

After that comes ‘Desire’. This is the first of two title tracks. The vocal layering here is really fab. I like the fact that in this track they mostly kept the instrumentals a bit more contained in certain sections. It’s a good way to keep your attention after the first two guitar heavy tracks. Also the chorus is just hella dope.

The second title track is ‘Cameleon’. There’s a higher vocal on top of You Do Won’s in the chorus and it’s really cool. I really like how this feels a bit more psychedelic. The guitar solo was great and a total vibe.

‘Truth’ is the closing track of the EP. This is definitely the softest track of the album. There is some interesting vocal work that goes places you don’t expect them to. I like the groove of this one. It almost feels like British pop rock. It’s nice!

Overall ‘77%’ by You Do Won is a really great debut. It’s well-crafted and a great listen.

You can find it on Spotify here.

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