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[Review] YESUNG – Sensory Flows

SUJU’s Yesung just released his first album ‘Sensory Flows’, he has been charming fans with his majestic voice for over a decade, and we are sure we are not getting tired of his vocals any time soon.

We are looking forward to see which musical direction he is taking with this release, let’s dive right in.

Sensory Flows

The title track ‘Small Things‘ kicks off this release with a very surprising indie vibe and sound, Yesung’s singing for this single is super soft and delicate, the sweetness of his delivery is comforting to listen to. Definitely a gift for the listeners. For the music video we get a rather chill and laid back concepts, the nostalgic feel the went for suits to perfection this song, and surely completes the listening experience. Watch it below.

Synth pop takes over in the single ‘All Night Long‘, and with this song we get a very simple and yet beautiful arrangement, the minimalistic changes in tempo and little twists in the singing made this track a lovely listen, and its electric guitar outro just completed the flawless style.

Vintage vibes and city pop move along this album in ‘Like Us‘, the sweetness and charming singing are the killing points in this song, and we are absolutely loving this style of music and Yesung’s vocals.

Beautiful‘ brings along lovely acoustics in a pop/R&B single that is giving massive rom-com OST energy. The energy a colourfulness of this song is amazing, and gives a a new and fresh twist to this release.

Feauring NCT’s Mark, ‘HO‘ comes along with nothing but very soft and chill orchestration, this single s super easy going and a breathe of fresh air. Absolutely stunning.

The voice of an artist

The second half of this album starts with the pop ballad ‘Bear Hug‘, and this single is all about emotions and impressive vocalisation, Yesung pours his heart with this song and evokes emotions in listeners.

4 Seasons‘ spices things up with an unexpected jazzy melody and smooth orchestration, this song feel like the type of track you would listen during autumn as leaves fall from tree, just heartwarming and comforting.

Acoustics take over in ‘Moment‘, and the arrangement in this song is absolutely breathtaking, the vocals move at the same pace as the flow of the instruments, and it is a delight to listen. ‘Mermaid‘ follows up with an acoustic guitar that gives this song a mesmerising fairytale-like fee, the tone, flow and vibe of this single is lovely.

Closing this album is the song ‘Together‘, co-produced by Yesung, this track mark the end of this album with a warm sound, beautiful instrumentation and his usual unmatched vocals.

Yesung gifted fans with a solid album, he explores in this release several genres, and each one of them is a total listening experience. Make sure to listen to this release here.

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