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[Review] xikers – HOUSE OF TRICKY : Trial And Error

Xikers is back with their third mini-album ‘HOUSE OF TRICKY : Trial And Error’. This release is the third instalment of the HOUSE OF TRICKY series, which started with their debut.

With a growing fandom and fantastic vibes, Xikers is definitely paving their way in the industry. LEt’s see what they have prepared for this release.

HOUSE OF TRICKY : Trial And Error

The intro track ‘Trial And Error (whereabaouts)‘ sets the mood for this release with a vibey arrangement that slides smoothly to the title track ‘We Don’t Stop‘. With this single xikers go old-school with a super dope arrangement including a sick electric guitar instrumentation and a fantastic rapping flow. With this single they successfully mix elements of classic hip-hop with trendy elements, adding as a highlight an outro that is impactful and memorable.

Red Sun‘ comes next starting off on a high note with fast verse delivery, and a lot hype moments that will have listeners totally vibing to this song, this track goes off and totally delivers!

EDM beats and fantastic layering take over in ‘Supercalifragilistic‘. This single is rave material, its heavy bass, synth and full composition are a total vibe and a must listen. ‘Every Flavor Jelly‘ moves this release with a more playful but power concept, the contrast between the vocal line and the rapping line sections is very cool, the transitions are super smooth and very surprising.

This mini reaches it end with ‘Break A Leg‘, with a more rock driven composition this single adds the early 2000s rock vibes touch to this release, it is definitely a fascinating addition to this release and the arrangement is totally legendary.

xikers delivered and incredible mini-album with six single that are a total non-skip. This release is cohesive, fun, and packed with surprises. Make sure to check it out here.

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