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[Review] WOODZ – WOOPS!

WOODZ is back with his second mini-album ‘WOOPS!’. He wrote and composed all of the tracks on the mini, so stan talent y’all.


We start off with the opening track ‘Trigger’. This song already sold me for the rest of the album. It’s Spaghetti Western guitar meets an 808 hip hop beat. It’s so dope. Woodz flipping from singing to aggressive rapping gave me goosebumps. The guitar solo in ‘Trigger’ is IT y’all.

Next up is the title track ‘BUMP BUMP’. This youthful pop song feels like a celebration. The crackle at the end of ‘Trigger’ makes the transition to ‘BUMP BUMP’ hella smooth.

‘On my own’ follows that with a funky guitar loop. Woodz’ vocals are just so good. I really dig the brass in the backing track. 

‘Thanks to’ is a happy love song to Woodz’ fans. It’s cute, happy and feels effortlessly sweet. 

We’re on track five with ‘SWEATER’ featuring JAMIE who recently released her track Apollo 11’, go check that out here. This is a godly combination and I wish they’d done it before. Their voices together work so well with the R&B vibes of the track. What a little gem of a song. 

The last track on ‘WOOPS!’ by WOODZ is ‘Tide’. The layering in this one is so, so excellent. We’re cycling back to the slight Western vibes, but more in the sense that I’m getting folk vibes from a sad cowboy who realizes he has come to the end of his story. It’s absolutely lovely and the strings mixed with the piano enhance the overall feel of the track.

Go ahead and check out the mini-album by WOODZ on Spotify here.

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