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CNBLUE is back after a couple of years in hiatus, 2020 marks their 10th anniversary as a band and their new EP ‘RE-CODE’, feels like a new beginning for this group. Let’s listen to the music, we all know is going to be fantastic. 


Then, Now and Forever’ starts this EP and it is also the title track. Needless to say the instrumentation is perfect and the vocals as usual are fantastic. This song is kinda nostalgic and Yonghwa’s singing felt very emotional.

This track really feels like a new beginning for them and I absolutely loved the style they went for. Watch the music video below and be ready for aesthetics in every angle.

Whistling and guitar riffing start ‘Till Then’, with a way more relaxed and laid back concept this song is very enjoyable to listen to, very rich in sound and with catchy lyrics. 

With a slow tempo and an R&B vibe ‘In Time’ plays. Classy instrumentation and breathtaking vocals take over this track, and it is an experience to listen to, I love how clean the acoustics were that included parts of the song and the saxophone near the bridge was just exquisite. 

We are near the end of this EP with ‘Winter Again’ and its cheerful tempo. It has an indie music feel that I loved, this song feels like a breath of fresh air and I love it. 

Closing the EP is ‘Blue Stars’, and this track is just adorable from start to end. It’s a song for the CNBLUE fans (Boice), and it is cheerful, full of hope, and just so positive. A clean end for a great release.

Make sure to check out this EP here.

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