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[Review] WONHO – Love Synonym #2 : Right for us

We’re still reeling from the cultural impact that WONHO’s first EP had on the world and yet WONHO is already back with his new album ‘Love Synonym #2 : Right for us’. We’re ready to submit to a new Wonho cult, let’s dive into this new release.

Love Synonym #2 : Right for us

We start off with the title track ‘Lose’. This song is groovy as hell! The instrumentals work so well with Wonho’s vocals. I dig it. Wonho has co-writing credits for the title track.

Also that look with the leather hat, *chef’s kiss*.

After that we get the track ‘Devil’. This R&B track feels delicate which is only enhanced by Wonho’s vocals. There are a couple of moments where I think the song is going to pop off, but it doesn’t. It feels like an effort in restraint, which makes sense with the whole vibe of the song. 

‘BEST SHOT’ follows that. Wonho is listed as a co-writer. We’re back with the grooviness, though this time we get some 90s vibes thrown in. This is such a bop and begs for a dance moment in a club (wishful thinking here). 

Next up is ‘WENEED’ which is a play on the fandom name WENEE. It feels like a love song to the fandom and I’m here for it. It’s utterly adorable and feels super genuine. 

Next up

‘Ain’t About You’ is next and has the only featured artist on the album. Kiiara is an American singer-songwriter. They really went in with the bass in this one. I feel like groovy bops is something Wonho wants to be known for and I fully support that. The synergy between Kiiara and Wonho’s vocals is dope. I have to admit, I did cackle when the line ‘I wanna stroke your big ego, just not tonight – or ever.’ came up. 

‘FLASH’ is one of the slower songs of the album. It’s a mid-tempo R&B song with some spacey synths in the back. I like the acoustic guitar feel and the little speak-rap moments. I kind of got chills.

We also get the ‘Lose’ English version.

Closing off we have the ‘Outro : And’ which starts off with a beautiful piano line. Hello, electric guitar! I love this so much.

‘Love Synonym #2 : Right for us’ by WONHO is honestly very impressive. He has writing or composing credits on pretty much all but three songs which is super nice. I’m glad to see he has such a big input. 

Go ahead and listen to the album on Spotify here.

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