[Review] WEi – Love Pt.3 : Eternally

WEi is back with the third instalment of their ‘Love’ era, ‘Love Pt. 3: Eternally‘ is the last release for this series, with the promise of a love that can last forever. This trilogy has been lovely, and the theme heart warming.

We are excited to listen to how they will conclude this era, let’s listen to the music!

Love Pt.3 : Eternally

The title track ‘OVERDRIVE‘ opens up this release with a summery blend of beats and a chill feel. This single is a very easy going listen, perfect for the season and with pretty vocalisation. The visuals for the music video follow the same seasonal feeling of this single, the members look absolutely adorable, and all the beach scenery made it even cuter. Watch it below.

With latin beats and moombahton ‘Be Alright (chillin’)‘ takes over to add groove to this release, with a great mix of vocals, rapping and instrumentals. Next up is ‘Thriller‘ adding smoothness to this release on an R&B/Hip-Hop mix, power singing and a touch of breathy delivery for sexiness. A top mix.

All Day With You‘ takes over to bring 90s nostalgia in a R&B single including lo-fi beats and stunning harmonies. This single is super groovy, full of charisma and a touch of mystery that makes it an brilliant listen.

Last in this release is ‘End of The Day‘ ending it on a very pretty pop-ballad style with a lot of focus in the feelings and emotions. The rhythmic rapping and pretty vocal are the prefect mix to conclude this album and an era full of Love.

Listen to this release here.

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