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[Review] Weeekly – We can

The girls from Weeekly are back with their new mini-album ‘We can’. It’s been only a little over three months since their debut release, so I was quite surprised at the speed of their comeback. I’m excited though, so let’s dive in! According to Play M Entertainment, their label, Weeekly recorded the most album sales for a rookie girl group in 2020. 

We can

We start off the mini with the opening track ‘Unnie’. This track is happy vibes all around. It’s cute, catchy and has some interesting bass in the background. I’m also really digging the electric guitar that shows up here and there.

‘My Earth’ follows that and the lyrics are written by the Weeekly member Shin Jiyoon. She also co-composed the track. The way this fluctuates between really cute and heavy EDM makes this a super interesting listen. The little 8bit sounds they added in the instrumentation are fun and make it feel ‘bouncy’.

After that we get the title track ‘Zig Zag’. This song is hella cute and the little point choreo is guaranteed to become a TikTok dance. The pop dance vibes are absolutely lovely and the bridge has some stellar vocals. 

Next up is the track ‘Top Secret’ and I love this one a lot. The happy pop vibes and the way they performed the chorus is utterly lovely! The belting and the adlibs add that extra bit of ‘je ne sais quoi’. It’s a yes from me.

We close the mini with the song ‘Weeekly’. This really drives up the cuteness of the mini. Shin Jiyoon also wrote the lyrics for this one and we STAN. I 100% dig the chanting and the heavy beats. This is a happy track that is gonna make you dance. That bridge is DOPE.

Overall, ‘We can’ by Weeekly is a really solid mini-album and a successful first comeback. Go ahead and check out the mini on Spotify here

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