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After a hiatus since their last single, VIXX has made a triumphant return with their latest release, ‘CONTINUUM.’ Let’s unravel the musical journey they have crafted for their fans.


The title track ‘Amnesia’ sets the tone with a captivating guitar riff and a smooth R&B tempo. The vocal intricacies, ad-libs, and impassioned delivery create a song rich in emotions with a touch of angst. The accompanying music video transports viewers to a different world, where the members not only showcase their power but also deliver a stunning performance, adding a visual layer to the emotional narrative. Watch it below.

Chemical‘ follows suit, introducing a vibey synth and a darker mood. The song unfolds with breathy vocals, revealing a sexier side of VIXX. Emotional singing and a smooth flow characterise this piece, adding diversity to the album’s sound.

On a more romantic and very acoustic side ‘LILAC‘ comes along with delicate melodies for the heart. This single is super pretty and full of stunning tonalities that evoke emotions.

SAVAGE‘ introduces more trendy tunes and grooves, featuring a dynamic EDM arrangement. This club banger delivers peak vocals and a fantastic arrangement, showcasing VIXX’s versatility.

Closing the mini-album is ‘If You Come Tonight,’ a cool and easy-to-listen track. With lovely vocals and subtle instrumental additions, this calm and composed piece serves as the perfect conclusion to the musical journey.

VIXX’s ‘CONTINUUM’ is a triumphant comeback, marked by power, musical variety, and the signature creativity that fans adore. Immerse yourself in this fantastic release here.

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