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[Review] VAV – Subconscious

The boys from VAV are back after two years with their new mini-album ‘Subconscious’. Let’s dive right in because I’m super curious.


We start off with the title track ‘Designer’. The Latin pop is perfect for a vibey summer track. The chorus is catchy and I really enjoyed the piano! The rap sections were fun and the vocals lovely.

‘Call U Mine’ brings retro to the mix. The track is funky, groovy and has some really fun synthesizers in the instrumentals.

We follow that up with ‘By My Side’. We’re mixing heavy synths with a cool beat and a rather nice focus on the vocals. The dance break is a moment! I can’t wait to see what kind of choreo they’ve cooked up for this. This track is pretty groovy!

‘Reason’ is a pop ballad that will make you emotional. The vocals are lovely and the rap verse is rather cool! In the album description they wrote that they wanted to show their sincerity to their fans.

The closing track is the 2023 version of ‘Cause I Miss You’ which originally was released as a single in 2021.

Overall ‘Subconscious’ is a fun mini-album by VAV. I’m sure the fans are delighted to have new music from the group.

Go ahead and listen to it here.

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