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VANNER, the rising stars who gained prominence through the survival show ‘Peak Time,’ have been on a steady ascent in popularity, culminating in their first concert. With their new mini-album ‘CAPTURE THE FLAG,’ the group explores a captivating mix of genres and collaborations with various producers.

Let’s dive into the musical journey they’ve crafted.


The album kicks off with ‘JACKPOT,’ delivering an alternative rock vibe filled with pulsating energy. Boasting excellent vocals and rap, the title track is a powerhouse that is elevated even further by a visually stunning music video. The tight choreography and the members’ charismatic presence create a memorable visual experience.

Originally released in Japanese last year, ‘PONYTAIL‘ brings a bubbly pop sound and danceable beats that set a cheerful tone. This track is an absolute delight, exuding charm and lightheartedness throughout.

Getting funky with ‘After Party,’ VANNER showcases their soulful vocals against a vibey rhythm. The members’ unique vocal tones shine through, creating a solid B-side filled with perfect harmonies and impressive ad-libs.

Be My Love‘ introduces a new sound with soft-pop vibes and beautiful instrumentation. The inclusion of a stunning electric guitar solo and captivating melodies adds depth to this lovely track.

CIRCUIT‘ takes a powerful turn with EDM beats, embodying the characteristics of a dynamic title track. The fantastic rapping seamlessly blends with the energetic beats and retro touches, creating a standout B-side.

Closing the mini-album is the soft-pop single ‘Across The Stars,’ accompanied by beautiful acoustics. Perfect for an acoustic setting, this soulful track highlights the members’ talents with subtle elements that shine through.

VANNER’s ‘CAPTURE THE FLAG’ is a well-rounded mini-album that showcases the group’s versatility and growth. Despite being underrated, their music continues to evolve and captivate. Don’t miss out—check out the mini-album here.

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