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[Review] The Wind – Our : YouthTeen

The boygroup The Wind is back with their new mini-album ‘Our : YouthTeen’. The keyword to this mini is ‘friendship’ according to the album description. Let’s dive right in!

Our : YouthTeen

We start off with the title track ‘H! TEEN’. This is an EDM disco track with a whole bunch of funk thrown in; that electric guitar is sick! It’s partly sampled on Vivaldi’s ‘Spring’ which is appropriate for February. It’s a catchy track with a lot of energy and a catchy hook.

After that comes the track ‘Heart Fluttering’. The opening is beautiful and I love the emotive strings. It kind of felt like an anime opening. The vocals are lovely here and the layering is really well done. I enjoyed the addition of the synths.

‘Friendship’ tells the story of friends who recall their stories from their school days. This is a lovely track with a fun momentum and a lot of synths. It’s giving summer party. The random rock section took me by surprise but I loved the addition.

The closing track is ‘Happy B Day’. This is a pop rock track with a lot of boyish charm. ‘Happy B Day’ is an adorable way to close off this mini-album.

Overall ‘Our : YouthTeen’ by The Wind is a great mini-album that displays all of their charm.

Go listen to it here on Spotify.

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