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[Review] Love My Scent

In this week’s review, we dive into the whimsical world of the 2023 romantic comedy that’s got everyone buzzing. Let’s explore the delightful, magical escapades in ‘Love My Scent’.

Written and directed by Lim Sung-yong, ‘Love My Scent’ takes us on a journey with a quirky mix of romance, mystery, and a sprinkle of magic. This charming film centers on the unique love story between Chang-soo and A-ra, and it’s a ride you won’t want to miss.

Chang-soo (Yoon Shi-yoon) is your average guy, content with a life of minimal effort and zero interest in romance. Enter A-ra (Seol In-ah), a hardworking woman who seems to have it all, except for love. Their paths cross every day as they share the same bus to work, yet they’ve never exchanged a word. That is, until fate steps in with a twist.

A mysterious perfume finds its way into Chang-soo’s hands, and suddenly, he becomes irresistible to any woman who catches a whiff. A-ra, by chance, falls under the perfume’s spell, and their romance kicks off with a magical spark. But just as they start to connect on a deeper level, A-ra’s ex, James (Na Jong-chan), reenters the picture, hell-bent on breaking them apart after uncovering Chang-soo’s secret.

As the story unfolds, we witness Chang-soo and A-ra’s relationship evolve from a perfumed fantasy to a genuine connection. But the looming question is: Will A-ra still cherish Chang-soo when she discovers the truth behind their enchanting beginning?

Love My Scent’ is a delightful romp with a lighthearted plot that’s perfect for a cozy movie night. It’s filled with laughter, a touch of magic, and a heartwarming message about true love transcending even the quirkiest beginnings.

Watch the trailer below and get ready to fall under its spell.

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