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The boys from SEVENTEEN are back with their th mini-album ‘SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN’. We are beyond stoked for this new dose of excellent music, so let’s take a closer look!


We start this album off with the track ‘SOS’ which was produced by Marshmello. This is a very solid track with heavy beats, great rock guitars and a Jersey Club rhythm. I’m really digging the chorus and the fact that the track kinda goes hard.

The title track ‘God of Music’ comes next. I can’t believe how wholesome this is and how true the message rings. Music connects everyone despite languages and culture. We’re going for cheerful brass and synths in this one.

Also a moment of appreciatiaon for Woozi’s high note.

‘Diamond Days’ is next. This is a remake of their first track on their debut album ’17 CARAT’.

After that we go EDM with Back 2 Days’. This is done by the Performance Unit. This is an effortlessly cool track with great synths and impressive vocals. I like the layering of this a lot as well. The dance break for the bridge was super cool.

‘Monster’ brings us a new track by the Hip-Hop unit. This is the perfect track for the Halloween season. It’s eerie, has a couple of jump scares with the screams, but most importantly is super fun to listen to.

The Vocal Team brings us a ballad with ‘Yawn’. Before you start listening, go get your tissue box. The boys will sing your tears out. It’s a beautiful ballad with the classic combination of piano and violins. The vocals are insane, as to be expected.

‘Headliner’ is a pop rock track that definitely feels like the end-of-concert moment. This track is dedicated to Carats. Seungkwan’s high note was excellent!

The closing track is the instrumental version of ‘God of Music’.

Overall ‘SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN’ by SEVENTEEN is another great addition to their discography. This is a lovely listen and feels very wholesome.

Go listen to it here.

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